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Surveying with survey-grade precision by drone and 3D scanner

Company overview

We are an organization specialized in the georeferenced 3D modeling. Our main activities are focused on providing services related to the acquisition and processing of surface and sub-surface data. These services cover the areas of photogrammetry, 3D modeling, reservoir and geological models, virtual-outcrops models, surveying, aerial topography, precision agriculture and technical inspections.

We do not look for a transactional relationship, our team aims at building partnerships between our organization and our clients. We go hand-by-hand with you through the projects. We often organize demos and promotional plans on our services. To learn more Contact Us ! or follow us on social networks.

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Drone Geomodeling
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Drone Services

Plateforme pétrolière

Oil & Gas Services

We provide consulting and services to Oil & Gas companies, especially in the construction of geological 3D models.

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Drone pour Géomètres

Drones for Surveyors

Precision is our main concern. Our professional grade drones and sensors guarantee high-quality acquisitions.

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Secteur immobilier

Drones for Real Estate

3D models are an added value for architecture and real estate projects. Aerial images are taken by our professional drones.

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Agriculture de précision

Drones for Agriculture

Drones can improve the efficiency of your farming activities. Infrared and multi-specter imagery let acquiring critical information from your crops.

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1er drone MALE 100% européen April 30, 2018

Après deux années de travail, Airbus, Dassault Aviation et Leonardo ont dévoilé la première maquette à l’échelle 1 du drone européen de moyenne altitude et longue endurance piloté à distance (MALE RPAS). La cérémonie s’est déroulée le 26 avril dans le cadre du salon ILA de Berlin.

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Nouvelle politique d'exportation pour les drones américains April 20, 2018

Les Etats-Unis ont adopté le 19 avril une nouvelle politique visant à faciliter les exportations des drones militaires. Donald Trump a approuvé une nouvelle politique d'exportation pour les drones militaires, venant remplacer celle mise en place sous la présidence Obama, en 2015.

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OK to Shoot Down Drones in Switzerland April 18, 2018

f a drone is invading your personal privacy you are entitled to shoot it down and aren’t liable for damages, according to new findings by Swiss lawyers.Drones are increasingly popular with private individuals in Switzerland for recreational use and to take aerial videos.

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