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Company overview

We are an organization specialized in the georeferenced 3D modeling. Our main activities are focused on providing services related to the acquisition and processing of surface and sub-surface data. These services cover the areas of photogrammetry, 3D modeling, reservoir and geological models, virtual-outcrops models, surveying, aerial topography, precision agriculture and technical inspections.

We do not look after a transactional relationship, our team aim at building partnerships between our organization and our clients. We go hand-by-hand with you through the projects. We often organize demos and promotional plans on our services. To learn more Contact Us! or follow us on social networks.

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Drone Geomodeling
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Drone Services

Oil & Gas companies

Drones for Oil & Gas

We provide consulting and services to Oil & Gas companies, especially in the construction of geological 3D models.

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Drone 4 mapping

Drones for Surveys

For us, precision is our main concern. Our professional grade drones and sensors guarantee high-quality acquisitions.

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Drone 4 real estate

Drones for Real Estate

3D models are an added value for architecture and real estate projects. Aerial images are taken by our professional drones.

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Precision agriculture

Drones for Agriculture

Drones can improve the efficiency of your farming activities. Infrared and multi-specter imagery let acquiring critical information from your crops.

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Conduire un drone ivre, tu ne feras point ! Jan 12, 2018

En tout cas, au moins dans le New Jersey. Une telle pratique pourrait prochainement être considérée comme un crime, ce n'est pas illogique, si conduire en état d'ébriété est un délit, piloter un drone éméché pourrait être tout aussi dangereux.

Première en Australie: des nageurs secourus en mer par un drone Jan 18, 2018

L'île-continent est un des leaders de l'expérimentation des drones dans le domaine du sauvetage aquatique. Plusieurs dizaines d'engins sont actuellement en phase de test sur diverses plages du pays, en plein été austral.

Thrush Aircraft and Drone America to Develop Autonomous Fire Fighting Aircraft Jan 12, 2018

The arsenal of airborne tactics available to firefighters and first responders may soon grow significantly as Thrush Aircraft has formed a strategic alliance with highly-regarded unmanned aerial vehicle and systems manufacturer Drone America to begin development of the world’s first autonomous air tanker.

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